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determine customer

Customer Loyalty is a beautiful thing and in this economy you can really make it work to your advantage. I know that I’ve talked often on this sales blog about selling in a down economy. I have largely concentrated on many of the things that make it harder to sell. Well today I’m going to talk about how customer loyalty combined with a crumbling economy can help you bring in new sales. I’ll start off with two examples that have happened to me recently.

My company has had the pleasure of working with an absolutely stellar client out of the New York area. During this economic state that company downsized and he was laid off. Once I heard this I contacted some of my relationships in other companies and asked if they were in need of a top level executive. I forwarded his resume to interested parties and helped facilitate some more options for this former client.  Besides providing stellar customer follow up while this individual was a client, I have also helped him even after he left his previous company.  I just received an email back from him saying that he is getting a new job with a much larger company and plans to purchase from us again as soon as he gets on board.  Now if this individual left on his own accord we would have the existing business from his previous employer as well as the business from his new employer. It is important to breed customer loyalty so they take you with them wherever they go. This type personal investment will pay dividends for years to come, plus you get to make a good friend : )


determine customer

Secondly when you call on one of your clients and get a new contact person. This offers a couple new options as well. Why did the other person leave? Where did they go? Where did this new person come from? Are there any challenges of obtaining new customers from these relationships? The first thing I would do is try to get competitive intelligence on the new contact’s past company and see if they would be a good prospect for your business, perhaps this new contact could introduce you. Second I would follow the old contact to their new place of employment and see if they could purchase services from you again. continue reading. Lastly I would ask who he replaced at the new job and where they moved to. This is a sales strategy that works off the loyalty and satisfaction of your clients with your product or service and can be very lucrative. (

Let’s face it… The goal here is to work smarter… not harder : )  Take care and sell hard!  Check back often for free sales tips from my sales blog.

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